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Tes is a long-time blogger and foodie. For the past 10 years, she’s focused her blog and work around women’s issues. Soon, she’ll launch a long-form interview podcast. She’s lined up women activists and volunteers from around the world to tell their stories and the stories of the women they work with.

Tes Silverman

Tes is a long-time blogger and foodie. For the past 10 years, she’s focused her blog and work around women’s issues. This is her long-form interview podcast. She’s lined up women activists and volunteers from around the world to tell their stories and the stories of the women they work with.

Shijuade Kadree (she/her) – Director of Diversity Strategy for Snap, Inc & Founder of Compass Strategies Consulting

Today, Tes talks with Shijuade Kadree. Shijuade is the Director of Diversity for Snap, Inc, the parent company of SnapChat. Prior to joining SnapChat, she was the Chief Advocacy Officer for The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, as well as a legislative counsel for the New York City Council.

An alumna of Emory University, Shijuade graduated with a joint degree from the Schools of Law and Public Health. A former defense attorney with Brooklyn Defender Services, Shijuade has significant government relations, policy, strategic planning and stakeholder cultivation and engagement experience.
In addition to being the Director of Diversity for Snap, Inc, Shijuade is the Founder of Compass Strategies Consulting, which partners with organizations and community leaders to create effective management practices and powerful strategies for transformation. She has legislative and organizational policy drafting experience, and leadership and executive coaching practice, across multiple interests and sectors, which informs how she tailors her guidance and approach for each client.
Shijuade has worked with all levels of government, for-profit and nonprofit sectors, striving to ensure that the work being done is thoughtful, innovative, and inclusive, with an explicitly intersectional lens. She centers her work from a black, queer, feminist perspective, believing that when all of those needs are engaged and addressed, all will benefit from the outcome. A recipient of multiple awards for her work, she is also a sought after speaker, panelist and moderator. Shijuade resides in Atlanta with her wife and children.

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Diena Haryana – Founder of SEJIWA Foundation

Despite her rough childhood situation, Diena managed to win respectable scholarships: One year exchange student (AFS) in Delaware, USA, during her teenage era. She also won a scholarship from IKIP Jakarta for her university study. The last one was a scholarship to do her master’s degree in English Language Teaching in Warwick University, UK, from The British Council.

Before founding SEJIWA Foundation, Diena worked in several companies and as a lecturer in her alma mater. She had passion in training and developing human resources. She then formed Business Dynamics, a training and consulting company, serving national and international companies. Business Dynamics focused on developing leaders, managers, supervisors, and workers to create a positive work environment in order to improve productivity.

Later on, she found a call for humanity service, particularly in dealing with bullying issues in schools and homes in Indonesia. The deaths of students in schools due to hazing and bullying were considered just a phase of children’s lives. She then set up SEJIWA Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on child protection. She managed the 2 entities at the same time. However, after 21 years of service in Business Dynamics, she finally decided to leave Business Dynamics and dedicate her time entirely to SEJIWA Foundation.
Diena plans to continue her work for children, ensuring children to live with dignity and respect in nurturing and safe environments.

To learn more about Diena Haryana:
Email: diena.haryana@gmail.com
Twitter: @DienaHaryana
IG: @dienaharyana

To Learn more about SEJIWA Foundation:
Website: http://www.sejiwa.org
Email: sejiwa.foundation@gmail.com
Twitter: @YayasanSejiwa
IG: @yayasansejiwa
YouTube: Yayasan SEJIWA

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Yvonne Watson – Dean of Curriculum and Learning – Parsons School of Design

Today, Tes talks with Yvonne Watson. Yvonne is an educator, designer and academic who has held a number of positions in art & design higher education. She currently serves as Dean Curriculum + Learning & Special Advisor to the Provost Office on Curriculum Parsons School of Design and is an Associate Professor in the School of Fashion at. Since 2010 she has served in key leadership roles in the School of Fashion, first as Director of Academic Affairs and then as School Associate Dean.

Yvonne’s expertise and experience have been integral to our curricular planning for many years, at the school, Parsons, and university levels. Her role as Advisor to the Provost’s Office on Curriculum will allow Yvonne to expand upon this work and ensure that the curricular needs and priorities of Parsons are well represented at the university level, while formalizing the role she already plays in supporting cross-college and university-wide initiatives. The transition to online delivery as a result of the pandemic, and the imminent return to onsite teaching and learning, has altered many of our long-held views of how pedagogy and curriculum can be shaped. Yvonne will use her time in this role to bring leadership to the broader enquiry of how we can approach inclusive and innovative pedagogy within this changing landscape.

Since 2018, Yvonne has served as Parsons’ Associate Dean of Curriculum and Learning. She previously served as the Associate Dean in the School of Fashion, where she was instrumental in the development and implementation of the BFA Fashion Design curriculum and articulation of pathways. She is also Associate Professor within the School of Fashion, where she has taught for over ten years. Yvonne’s career has spanned roles that have encompassed both undergraduate and graduate studies as Program Director for BA Fashion Knitwear Design, MA Textile Design and Innovation, and MA Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University. She holds a Master’s in Globalization, Identity and Technology from The School of Humanities, Nottingham Trent University.

Her interests are in transforming the current context for the global supply chain in order to raise awareness as to the inhuman practices that currently exist in the fashion industry, gender pay gap, below minimum or living wages for workers. The intention is to bridge the fashion industry and education so that we can collectively develop an alternative fashion supply chain with a vision to creating an industry where human rights and sustainable living goals are central. She has worked for developing and emerging communities and has travelled to areas such as Ethiopia and Mongolia, to work with communities of women to enhance their product development process.

Her career has spanned roles that have encompassed both undergraduate and postgraduate program director for BA Fashion Knitwear Design, MA Textile Design and Innovation, and MA Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University.

She holds a BA in Fashion Knitwear Design from Nottingham Trent University in the UK, and a Masters in Globalization, Identity and Technology from The School of Humanities, Nottingham Trent University. Early in her career, she worked for a mid-range knitwear design company in New York before returning to the United Kingdom, where she designed and manufactured her own fashion knitwear line, Alpha-Omega, which sold in the UK, US and Hong Kong, before becoming a full-time academic.

To learn more about Yvonne Watson: https://www.aarp.org/disrupt-aging/stories/ideas/info-2016/yvonne-watson-fashion-disruptor.html
Twitter: @yvonne_watson
IG: @yvonneny10

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Sophia Neghesti-Johnson – Visual Artist, Songwriter, Author and Co-Founder of Barefoot Baobab

Today, Tes speaks with Sophia Neghesti-Johnson. Sophia is a visual artist, published author, and songwriter originally from Tanzania, now living in the U.S.

Sophia’s photographs and mixed media paintings have been on exhibit in various U.S. cities, and her latest song, So Good, can be heard on all major streaming services.

Having children, being an immigrant, and living far from her family has inspired Sophia to begin writing a children’s book series about the many tribes of Tanzania, with the first book, Koku’s Tanzania – Wahaya, being published on Amazon.

Sophia is an active contributor of World Moms Network, a Forbes Top 100 website for women.

As well as being a speaker in the award winning webinar series – GLOW – Heartfulness Webinars for women, Sophia is also a patron and pioneer of GLOW in its stages of inception and helped it grow and sustain.

Sophia and her husband, Don, own a company, Barefoot Baobab, with which they encourage a love for reading and literacy, through storytelling and music.

To learn more about Sophia Neghesti-Johnson:
IG: Sophiloveslife
IG: Sophi_the_artist (for her music)
IG: Barefootbaobab (for their literacy company)
Website: https://barefootbaobab.com

Twitter: thnksaybesnj

LinkedIn: Sophia Neghesti-Johnson

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Bette Levy – Activist/Advocate; Soroptimist Interntational – Main Representative to the UN/NY; Special Advisor to the International President for Relationships & Strategic Planning

Today, Tes talks with Bette Levy. Bette has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ohio University and a Masters of Arts & a Masters of Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Prior to retiring in 2011, she worked for the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH) for 38 years with primary expertise in children/ families and residential care. She was responsible for the development of a family & Youth advocacy movement. She was also responsible for developing national program guidelines for children’s residential care.

Her secondary expertise at OMH was Disaster Risk Reduction. On September 11th, her office was forced into action due to the terrorist attacks and she served for 10 years as the lead disaster mental health & emergency preparedness liaison for NY State OMH to NYC Office of Emergency Management, NYS Emergency Management Office and to US Department of Homeland Security.

After retiring, she became an independent Management & Culture Change Consultant as well as a consultant at the US Department of Health & Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Center for Mental Health Services and the Building Bridges Initiative, where she was responsible for developing and facilitating a National Youth Advisory Council. She has been the author or contributor to chapters in several books, guidelines, tip sheets and articles on working with youth and their families in residential care and Peer movements (youth & family). She also served as a consultant to the US Department of Justice, Fraud Division for Children’s residential care services.

Her role at the UN/NY, is as SI’s Main Representative and serves as Special Advisor to the International President for Relationships & Strategic Planning.

Soroptimist International (SI), a large Women’s Rights organization working to transform the lives of women and girls in all their diversity across the life course. Soroptimist International and their five (5) Federations is a network comprised of over 72,000 club members in 121 countries, located in 3000 communities.

Final thought : a quote from Antoine de Saint Euxpery ..
“A Dream without a Goal is a Wish – A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream’

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Valerie Bennis – Creator of Essence of Vali Aromatherapy Products & Founder of Fragrant Notes – A Lifestyle Blog for Women over 50

Today, Tes talks with Valerie Bennis. Valerie is an award winning aromatherapist who created the Essence of Vali line of therapeutic products. She recently started a new chapter with the launch of her company, Fragrant Notes, a lifestyle blog for women over 50. Her mission is to inspire women to love and appreciate ALL that they are through all the phases of their life with purpose, self-care, passion and creativity.

To learn more about Valerie Bennis:
For Fragrant Notes:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thefragrantnote
Website: www.fragrantnotes.com

For Essence of Vali:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/essenceofvali
Website: www.essenceofvali.com

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