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Tes is a long-time blogger and foodie. For the past 10 years, she’s focused her blog and work around women’s issues. Soon, she’ll launch a long-form interview podcast. She’s lined up women activists and volunteers from around the world to tell their stories and the stories of the women they work with.

Tes Silverman

Tes is a long-time blogger and foodie. For the past 10 years, she’s focused her blog and work around women’s issues. This is her long-form interview podcast. She’s lined up women activists and volunteers from around the world to tell their stories and the stories of the women they work with.

Purnima Ramakrishnan – CSO of World Moms Network; Heartfulness Trainer & Host of GLOW by Heartfulness Webinar

Today, Tes talks with Purnima Ramakrishnan. Purnima is a Heartfulness Trainer and the Host of GLOW by Heartfulness Webinar which is a webinar series for women to teach heart-based meditation. She is also a UN awarded journalist, the recipient of the fellowship in Journalism by International Reporting Project, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, and recipient of the BlogHer International Activist Award. She is the Chief Strategy Officer at World Moms Network, a Forbes Top 100 Website for Women, uniting women from 30+ countries and 6 continents. She finds joy in meditation and writing, and writes passionately about parenting, womanhood, spirituality, climate, and social change.

To learn more about Purnima:
Facebook: purnima.ramakrishnan.7
Instagram: purnima.ramakrishnan
Twitter: puma_vinod
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/purnimaramakrishnan/

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Heather Rogue – Stand-Up Comedian, Spoken-Word Poet, Activist (Re-Release)

Today, Tes talks with Heather Rogue. Heather is a stand-up comedian based out of Sacramento, California. Formerly a traveling street performer and homeless activist, Heather settled in Sacramento in order to facilitate her gender transition. She worked as a journalist and writing tutor before discovering her true calling in stand-up comedy. She currently hosts shows at Sacramento’s oldest comedy club, Laugh’s Unlimited. She’s also a spoken-word poet and has published two poetry chapbooks. On top of hosting a news-comedy show during the Pandemic, she’s a two-time MC for the Sacramento Women’s March, served as board-member for the Trans and Non-binary housing alliance, and currently works as a barista at Starbucks.

To learn more about Heather Rogue:
IG: @heather_comedy_rogue

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Mandy Sanghera – International Human Rights Activist, TEDx Speaker, Philanthropist (Re-Release)

Mandy Sanghera is an award-winning philanthropist, community consultant and global campaigner, often referred to as a global catalyst from the UK.

She is an international human rights activist and motivational TEDx speaker who travels all over the world, empowering & motivating others. With over three decades of experience, Mandy is an expert in various development-related fields. She has been driving innovation, building strategic partnerships, promoting advocacy & programming in the areas of human rights, gender equality, accountability and social justice globally.

Mandy has helped hundreds of individuals and now reaches thousands through social media, worldwide TV appearances and public speaking engagements. This past November, she spoke at the US House of Representatives for the 3rd year in a row. She recently appeared at the World Economic Forum and supports AI for Social Good. In addition, she was celebrated among public figures such as Jacinda Ardern, Oprah Winfrey, Kamala Harris, as part of the GDL (Global Diversity List) 2020 for her tireless work in diversity and inclusion.

For information on Mandy Sanghera:
Twitter: @Mandy_Sanghera1
YouTube: https://youtu.be/uy0Nhf51J4U – #ALDHack2020 – Gender Equality Challenge – Ada Lovelace Day

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Ada Cheng – Storyteller, Educator, and Speaker (Re-Release)

Tes speaks with Dr. Ada Cheng. Ada is a professor-turned-storyteller, solo performer, and storytelling show producer. She was a tenured professor in sociology at DePaul University from 2001-2016 when she resigned to pursue storytelling and performance full time. She has been featured at storytelling shows and done her two solo performances all over the country. Ada is the producer and the host of five storytelling shows, including Pour One Out, Am I Man Enough?, Talk Stories: An Asian American / Asian Diaspora Storytelling Show, Speaking Truths Series, and This Is America: Truths through My Body. She creates platforms for people to tell difficult and vulnerable stories as well as for communities who may not have the opportunities otherwise. She is an adjunct faculty at Dominican University and a speaker for Illinois Humanities Speakers Bureau Program. She works full time as the Education and Outreach Specialist with Women’s Leadership and Resource Center at UIC. Her motto: Make your life the best story you tell.

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Sarah Dayan Mueller – Author of Home in a Hundred Places

Today, Tes talks with Sarah Dayan Mueller. Sarah is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She is the author of two novels, including Home in a Hundred Places and Greater than the Still.
Sarah received her B.A. in Communications and B.A. in Psychology from SUNY Buffalo. She went on to Brooklyn College to receive her Master of Science in Education with a focus on School Counseling, as well as her Master of Arts in Human Resource Management from Trident University.
Aside from writing her next novel, Sarah enjoys playing piano, ukulele, photography, and traveling the world. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, son, and mother.
To learn more about Sara Dayan Mueller:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sarahdayanmueller
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarahdayanmueller
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@sarahdayanmueller

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Leilanie Marianetti – Content Creator

Today, Tes speaks with Leilanie Marianetti. Leilanie is a wife, mother of three and caregiver to her husband for the last 24 years.

As a child she used to write stories. Being creative always seemed to spark joy for her. She continues to write today, only now, they’re stories about what she knows best: her life, sharing the joys and struggles of caregiving, and how God’s amazing grace has had its hand through all of it.

Her hope is that by sharing her story she can raise awareness on caregiving and shed light on God’s glory.

To learn more about Leilanie:
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/lavishedingrace
Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZM8VU44kY/
Mobile website: beacons.ai/lavishedingrace

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