r(E)volutionary Woman:
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Tes is a long-time blogger and foodie. For the past 10 years, she’s focused her blog and work around women’s issues. Soon, she’ll launch a long-form interview podcast. She’s lined up women activists and volunteers from around the world to tell their stories and the stories of the women they work with.

Tes Silverman

Tes is a long-time blogger and foodie. For the past 10 years, she’s focused her blog and work around women’s issues. This is her long-form interview podcast. She’s lined up women activists and volunteers from around the world to tell their stories and the stories of the women they work with.

Jeannine Harvey – Co-Founder for Feed Our Democracy

Today, Tes speaks with Jeannine Harvey. Jeannine is an award-winning content producer and brand strategist. She is passionate about the possibilities that emerge from the intersection of storytelling, community, and collaborative disruption. Jeannine is co-founder and chief partnerships officer for Feed Our Democracy (FoD), a Public Benefit Corporation that promotes civic engagement and community-led change.

Jeannine has long been an advocate for gender equality, and the health, rights and wellbeing of
women and children. At the ONE Campaign, she created and managed a girls and women’s
initiative designed to amplify voices and stories. As director of digital strategy at PBS, she
designed overall strategy and creative marketing campaigns to engage children and parents
around educational content.

She believes in the inherent good in people, that action leads to more action, and that sharing
our stories lead to connection and empathy.

To learn more about Jeannine Harvey and Feed Our Democracy:
IG: @jeannineharvey1
Twitter: @JeannineAHarvey
Facebook: @FeedtheDemocracy

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Emily Teng – Founder of Blessings in a Bag

My guest today is Emily Teng. Emily knows a thing or two about dreaming. She has always dreamed of possibilities when others see problems. She knows what it’s like to be the underdog or misfit, fighting to be seen, valued, and heard as a sensitive soul to now leading an award-winning non-profit based in Singapore, Blessings in a Bag. Her friends liken her to Professor X saying: “Emily is not bald, but she takes in those who have been overlooked, forgotten, or left behind, and sees their unique gifts. She brings them together and uses their superpowers to change the world.”

Her decades-long work as a Community Leader received Singapore’s President’s Award for commitment to ‘rallying community spirit’ and Emily was also named world’s most inspiring leader and change-maker by Facebook in 2018. She also represented Singapore in the United States’ Women in Leadership in ASEAN as part of the Young South-East-Asia Leadership Initiative by the State Department of the USA. In 2019, she was honoured by Generation T Asia (Tatler) as “the next generation of influencers” who are changing the face of future leadership. In 2020, Women’s Weekly named Emily one of the ‘Great Women of Our Time’ in Public Service and Education.

She has taken her experiences and wisdom and turned it into a life of service for the greater good. She is currently located in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband where she lives out her new dream: supporting other change makers, visionary founders and heart-led leaders to rest, reimagine and birth their dreams to the world. In so doing, the world is transformed — one person and one dream at a time.

To learn more about Emily Teng and Blessings in a Bag:
IG: http://www.instagram.com/emilywjteng
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emilywjteng/
Website: http://www.emilyteng.com

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Kirsten Doyle – Creator of Word Salad with Coffee & My Gen X Life

Today, Tes speaks with Kirsten Doyle. Kirsten is a writer and content creator who was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and now lives in Toronto, Canada. As a child she dreamed of a career in psychology, but after she obtained her Bachelor’s degree, life took her on a different path. She embarked on a career in information technology – the career that brought her to Canada in 2000. After she lost her job to corporate downsizing, she combined her love of writing with her passion for mental health advocacy and launched a career as a mental health and addictions writer.

Kirsten is a strong believer in human rights, and actively works to promote the rights of BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and disability communities. Through her athletics coaching and volunteer activities at the local elementary school, she has worked with many refugee children and their families. She is part of the Special Education Advisory Committee at the Toronto District School Board, and she is on the Board of Directors of Citizens With Disabilities – Ontario. She is also a member of the Community Police Liaison Committee, where she is advocating for anti-racism within the police system.

One of Kirsten’s pandemic projects was to start two new YouTube channels. Word Salad With Coffee is focused on writing-related content. She combines light relief (because we all need a good laugh) with writing tips for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills (because the world needs more writers). My Gen X Life is a channel where Kirsten talks about what’s going on with her family and offers her unfiltered opinions about the state of the world.

Kirsten lives with her husband and has two teenage sons. Her older boy is autistic and is a Special Olympics champion. Her younger son is a force of nature with big goals of his own to change the world.

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Hilary Berger – Founder & CEO of Work Like a Mother

Dr. Hilary S. Berger, Ed.D., LPC. is the Founder & CEO of Work Like a Mother®, a nationwide & award-winning career counseling program for women, and is a Mental Health based Career Counselor and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She proudly serves working women, stay-at-home mothers, college students, graduates, and career changers at all stages of their lives. For over 20 years Hilary has passionately counseled mothers to re-build their professional purpose, career competencies, and most importantly their confidence while raising children. Hilary has partnered with indeed.com, pioneered and successfully served close to 3000 women through her solution-oriented comprehensive career counseling system designed exclusively through the unique lens of women’s life stages and the realities of mother’s lives. She has written articles on the Career Implications for Stay at Home Moms, runs career academies, career boot camps, and intensive career accelerator programs for large and small audiences of women across all stages of life and work. She has been privileged to present the Work Like a Mother® career development model at the global National Career Development Association annual conference and is honored to be interviewed by numerous media outlets to raise awareness about issues facing professional women who become mothers. She has contributed to segments on this topic for TV, Radio, and Print Publications for USA Today, CBS, CNBC, Good Housekeeping Magazine, 1010Wins, Al Jazeera, and News 8 Connecticut, and related podcasts including REvolutionary Woman and Single Process.Me. She is a highly experienced college administrator, counselor, and adjunct instructor in psychology and career services at both private universities and public community colleges. She recently served as a career advisor for Teachers College, Columbia University where she is an alumnus, is now proudly affiliated with Teachers College, Columbia University Alumni Career Coaching Program, and was honored to serve this past year as co-chair for the professional development committee for MNYCCPOA and was the recipient for the 2021 Alva Cooper Award for best practices and most innovative counseling model for women. She is now dedicated to shaping a new narrative and framework for young women in high school and college to have a career roadmap for their future where motherhood is recognized as a legitimate aspect of their career journey She is an advisory board member and instructor for the SHE WORKS program through Connecticut-based, Live Girl.

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/worklikeamother

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worklikeamother

Twitter: @WorkLikeMother

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Laurie Kelley – Founder & President of Save One Life

Laureen A. Kelley founded LA Kelley Communications, Inc., in 1990, after her child with hemophilia was born. She wanted to provide practical educational materials for families with bleeding disorders. Laurie is the author of 10 books on bleeding disorders, including Raising a Child with Hemophilia and Success as a Hemophilia Leader. She was founder and publisher of the Parent Empowerment Newsletter (PEN) for 31 years, and PEN’s Insurance Pulse for 11 years. Laurie also founded Project SHARE, a humanitarian program that donates millions of dollars’ worth of blood-clotting medicine annually to impoverished patients in developing countries. She is founder and president of Save One Life, a nonprofit child sponsorship agency for children with bleeding disorders in developing countries.

Laurie was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, and received her bachelor’s degree in child psychology from Regis College. She worked as a psychologist with handicapped children and adults for four years before earning her master’s degree in international economics and business from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. Laurie worked for six years as an economic consultant at DRI/McGraw-Hill, before devoting her life to helping patients with bleeding disorders.

To learn about Laurie Kelley:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laurie.kelley.5
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LaurieKelley2
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laureen-kelley-31bb3b6/

To learn about Save One Life:
IG: saveonelife
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SaveOneLifeOrg/
Twitter: @SaveOneLifeInc

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Shijuade Kadree (she/her) – Director of Diversity Strategy for Snap, Inc & Founder of Compass Strategies Consulting

Today, Tes talks with Shijuade Kadree. Shijuade is the Director of Diversity for Snap, Inc, the parent company of SnapChat. Prior to joining SnapChat, she was the Chief Advocacy Officer for The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center, as well as a legislative counsel for the New York City Council.

An alumna of Emory University, Shijuade graduated with a joint degree from the Schools of Law and Public Health. A former defense attorney with Brooklyn Defender Services, Shijuade has significant government relations, policy, strategic planning and stakeholder cultivation and engagement experience.
In addition to being the Director of Diversity for Snap, Inc, Shijuade is the Founder of Compass Strategies Consulting, which partners with organizations and community leaders to create effective management practices and powerful strategies for transformation. She has legislative and organizational policy drafting experience, and leadership and executive coaching practice, across multiple interests and sectors, which informs how she tailors her guidance and approach for each client.
Shijuade has worked with all levels of government, for-profit and nonprofit sectors, striving to ensure that the work being done is thoughtful, innovative, and inclusive, with an explicitly intersectional lens. She centers her work from a black, queer, feminist perspective, believing that when all of those needs are engaged and addressed, all will benefit from the outcome. A recipient of multiple awards for her work, she is also a sought after speaker, panelist and moderator. Shijuade resides in Atlanta with her wife and children.

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