Roberta Parrino-Clinton – Moms for Moms NYC

Today, Tes speaks with Roberta Parrino-Clinton. Roberta is the Program Director at Moms for Moms NYC, dedicated to helping and empowering women through her community activism and professional endeavors. She spent over a decade of her professional life in Corporate America in marketing and strategy roles in the financial services and technology industries, before transitioning to helping non-profits and women owned small businesses.

Roberta has her MBA from the D’Amore McKim School of Business at Northeastern University and a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation from the University of Connecticut.

In her spare time she enjoys learning about different cultures through food and travel with her husband and two sons, reading, baking specialty cakes, and working out. 

To reach Roberta Parrino-Clinton:
IG: @roberta_pc7

To reach Moms For Moms NYC:
Twitter: @MomsForMomsNYC
IG: @momsformomsnyc
Facebook: MomsForMomsNYC

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