Richa Wahi – Business Storyteller and Content Writer

Richa Wahi is a storyteller at heart. She weaves captivating narratives that leave a lasting impact not only on hearts but also on businesses. Through the art of storytelling, she helps people tell better stories and win with narratives. She knew that she had a gift for writing  stories when she  won her first prize in a creative writing competition at school. She was called a master at spinning and weaving captivating tales. This somehow remained in her mind and years later when she thought of naming her storytelling company – It was aptly titled – Tales dat spin.

The idea behind the venture is to bring the focus back on storytelling and its impact on the content marketing strategy, as well as using its immense power to connect with your audiences in a meaningful manner.

She attributes a lot of her abilities to her childhood spent in Delhi with her grandma listening to pre partition stories (narrated vividly and emotionally), where the emotional trauma got healed with every rendition.

She is also the co-founder of a venture, PassionProject,  which aims to create a safe space for conversations around topics which help us in breaking the shackles of limiting beliefs, conditioning, and help us embrace our authentic selves. The objective is to bring out more and more stories of people who continue to foster a love for their passion and somehow balance it along with the rigours of life.

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