Rebecca Bender – Founder of Little Bug Store & RAB Marketing

Rebecca Bender is an Award-Winning Marketing Strategist, and founder of Little Bug and RAB Marketing a boutique consultancy that empowers brands and marketing leaders with strategic guidance, integration assistance, email funnel creation, and more, that unleash new levels of success.

With experience on the frontlines of marketing and editorial at Sandboxx, the United States Air Force, the Japan Times, and, Rebecca’s uniquely military spouse based background is ever present in her experiences and gives her a firsthand understanding of military spouse life and the unique challenges marketing leaders face in military facing industries.

Her company Little Bug was recently named 2023 TOP CHOICE OF THE YEAR in the Baby Plush Lovie category by Baby Maternity Magazine and the 2023 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AWARD in the Baby & Toddler Plush Products category by Creative Child Magazine. 

Her writing and commentary can be found in major publications including The Japan Times and Kyoto News. 

She is a two time children’s book author with her books “Henry the Sloth” and “Bev the Bear”.

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