Yolanda M. Gordon – Manager, Expansion and Advocacy for RESULTS

Today’s guest is Yolanda M. Gordon. Yolanda is from Fort Mill, South Carolina. She is the mother of three children. Yolanda started her advocacy journey in disability advocacy after her younger children received an Autism diagnosis. She learned how to advocate for her children’s educational needs. She also assisted parents in understanding the nuances of the federal education laws and how they intersected with state education laws. She has since worked to end poverty and how families experience safety net programs in the United States.

Yolanda is a former safety net program recipient. She currently works at RESULTS Educational Fund as the Manager of Expansion and Advocacy. Her role includes being the coordinator for the RESULTS Organizing and Advocacy Fellowship which teaches young leaders, ages 20-35, how to speak to their members of Congress about ending poverty, making tax credits permanent, investment in global education, global nutrition, and affordable housing. 

She is also a leader with her work on anti-oppression, intersectionality and poverty, and its effects on individuals and families. She has used her experience to lobby Congressional leaders of South Carolina on the needs of families in the state to ensure that their voices are heard. With over 400 phone calls, 30 pieces of media, and over 80+ lobby visits, Yolanda has become proficient in helping others advocate for themselves to make the greatest impact. 

Yolanda is a Moth Trained storyteller, a TEDx speaker, and has spoken at many conferences and led many trainings from Missouri State University, Congressional Hunger Center, George Washington University Hunger Free Communities Conference, and The Aspen Institute.

To learn more about Yolanda M. Gordon:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yolanda.m.gordon/
IG: @yogosc
Twitter: @yolandamgordon

For more information about RESULTS:
Website: https://results.org/
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/RESULTS_Tweets
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