Patricia Pastor – President of Nassau NOW

Today, Tes talks with Patricia Pastor. Patricia is a human rights attorney focused on immigration law and sexual assault law. Her work includes representing unaccompanied youth immigrants fleeing their countries due to gang violence, poverty, injustice, political and religious persecution. She pursues the release of detained migrants and works with families seeking permanent residency based on marriage and family relationships.

Patricia pursues justice for survivors of sexual assault and harassment. She has a long-standing commitment to combating violence against women. Her work is informed by her prior experience investigating child sexual and physical abuse allegations for the NYPD and her history as a general counsel overseeing employment investigations.

As Legislative Lead for NOW NYS and President of Nassau NOW, Patricia has been instrumental in promoting the election of women who demonstrate the values of equity for all and ethical leadership. She petitions for legislation on issues critical to women and marginalized communities. Possessing a deep sense of justice for these communities, Patricia regularly contributes pro bono legal services in immigration, at U.S. borders, and to victims of domestic violence.

To learn more about Patricia Pastor:
Twitter: @2020TimesUp  and @NowNassau

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