Mae Flores – Filipina Actress & Gender Equality Advocate for AAPI Heritage Month

Mae Flores is an award-winning Filipina-American actress turned speaker and advocate. She is well-known for her role in the sci-Fi cult classic, “Atlantis Down”  and her philanthropy-focused, independent music show, “Mae Flores Presents.”

Mae fervently advocates for women’s rights and gender equality because she is also a two-time survivor of sexual assault. She has received multiple awards like the UN Global Goals Ambassador Award for her work with Gender Equality and the WNBA Redefine Women Award for her work in the sexual assault advocacy space. In 2017, she spoke on the importance of moving past the trauma of her assaults in a TEDx talk titled, “I’m Still Here”. She is the founder of “Light Me Up”, a program which uses the power of movement, voice and music to show survivors how to use tools that they already have within themselves to find their own paths to healing. Currently she is the producer of various projects that focus on storytelling and healing, like the podcast, “So, Tell Me About Your Dad”. 

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