Deb Pollack – Founder of Drive Toward a Cure

April is Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Month and my guest today is Deb Pollack – Founder of Drive Toward a Cure.
Deb, a publicist for boutique restoration house Singer Vehicle Design, is both a convertible car gal and a Porsche loyalist – equally loving both her 996 C4 Cab and her replica ’57 speedster. Over the past three decades she’s represented small car companies with big names including Mitsubishi Motors, GM, Ferrari and Maserati. A philanthropist at heart, since 2008 she’s teamed cars and camaraderie to support the challenges of Parkinson’s disease – most notably as founder of Drive Toward a Cure (, a nationally-recognized non-profit charity dedicated to finding a cure.

To learn more about Deb Polack:
Facebook: Deb Stearn Pollack
IG: @corsaprgal

To learn more about Drive Toward a Cure:
IG: @drivetowardacure

Conversations for a Cause

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