Adi Kaplan – Owner, Facial Healing by Adi

Adi Kaplan has a Masters in Industrial Engineering, but went a totally different direction. At the age of 40, when many of her friends decided to go the Botox way, she knew she was going to work her way into well-aging (as she is not “anti” anything 🙂 ) and decided to go the NOtox way! She will go a long way to reduce her wrinkles, get a glow to her face and look great THE NATURAL WAY. Besides, her motto is that every wrinkle she has – she earned with hard work 🙂 She loves treating people, loves seeing results, and most of all – loves getting compliments  from clients after each and every treatment.

To learn more about Adi Kaplan and Facial Healing by Adi:



UPDATE: Adi will be doing a Hands On Facial Cupping Workshop on 6/13. To attend, choose from these time slots: 11:30am & 8pm EST. To attend, click on the link below:

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