Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman – Founder of One Million Against Abuse

Today, Tes speaks with Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman. Pranaadhika is the Founder of One Million against Abuse, a public charitable trust * which focuses on advocacy around issues relating to personal safety education. She began her work on Child Sexual Abuse at the age of 10, founding the NGO Elaan in 2007. Her petition on has garnered 261,318 signatures of support for the implementation of mandatory Personal Safety Education in all Indian schools. 

Her work on sexual abuse awareness has been widely featured in leading national and international media and she is currently developing age-appropriate personal safety education curriculum, which she hopes will be included as part of Indian school curriculums across all education boards. She is also writing a book that will highlight her personal journey of surviving childhood sexual assault and rape, and being one of the youngest people to start an awareness campaign on the issue. 

She is an advocate of digital learning and has over 600 completed certificate courses under her belt; she is currently completing a course in PoSH(Protection of Women from Sexual Harassment) Training and another in Crime Scene Investigation. Her previous job was as the Head of Media for Jagriti Yatra, an NGO which focuses on igniting the entrepreneurial spirit of youth living in Middle India. 

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