Lauren Valbert – Owner Training 2.0, Trainer, Coach and Author

Lauren Valbert is a person who has “reinvented herself” several times. She has founded her own company twice, been a global marketing communications professional for tech companies for many years, developed innovation programs for corporate clients, and has been working with start-ups and scale-ups for more than two decades.

In the newest chapter of her life, she has started her own training company, Training 2.0, to help people raise their game, whether that is in professional or personal life. She is also a seasoned podcast and event host, panel moderator, webinar facilitator, and workshop leader. Her personal passion is to increase the representation of marginalized people on stage and in media, as “presentation is representation”. She has recently published a book called “Imposter”, which helps readers identify and overcome Imposter Syndrome, and to identify their own particular “Imposter Persona”.

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