Jennifer Burden – CEO & Founder of World Moms Network (Re-Release)

Today, Tes talks with Jennifer Burden. Jennifer hails from the USA and is the Founder and CEO of World Moms Network, an award-winning online media organization and website promoting a world of peace through the common bonds of motherhood. Jennifer has been nominated Global Influencer Fellow and Social Media Fellow by the UN Foundation, invited to the White House, spoken at the World Bank for the right of a universal education for all children, and her writing has been featured on Impatient Optimists, The Huffington Post, and BabyCenter. She is currently at Columbia University in NYC, where she is working toward her Executive Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in global policy studies. She is the mother of two girls and practices Heartfulness meditation.

To learn more about Jennifer Burden:

To learn more about World Moms Network:
Twitter: @WorldMomsNetwk
IG: worldmomsnetwk

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