Fatima Tuj-Johora – Visual Journalist & National Geographic Explorer

Fatima-Tuj-Johora is an independent visual journalist and a National Geographic Explorer based in Bangladesh. Her passion is to produce artistic visuals that include information about stories of daily life, children’s and women’s rights, and environmental rights. She conveys significant facts about the human experience in intimate and engaging storytelling. Her works concentrate on the effects, consequences, and adaptation of global climate change that relate to natural phenomena and human experiences. 

Despite having a degree in biological science, Fatima chose to pursue a career in photography because, to her, photography is all about empathy: it fosters closeness and understanding while addressing contemporary social issues like injustice, abuses of human rights, and our adverse relationship with the environment.

She has worked as a contributing photographer at Reuters and ZUMA Press. Her images have been published in The Guardian, Liberation, The Courier, Avax News, Hindustan Times, and many others.

Portfolio website: www.fatimatujjohora.comInstagram: @fatimatujjohora

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